- a wild at heart Basic experience -



Deeply transformational.

Can’t put it into words.

“Awesome community and brotherhood”.

about it not being genuine but was pure.

could be awesome-r

sad to say but it really blew me away. Wow this was powerful.

I liked the time to learn & time to process. I loved the encouragement to be “real” & open.

I felt immediate and undeserved acceptance and care from leaders –

It couldn’t have been better.

He spoke to me. He loves me.

This does go deep

In mid-October, 53 of us gathered for the inaugural Wild Heart STL BASIC Bootcamp at High Hill Camp. We were …

…than what I perceived Him to be.

High Hill Christian Camp

BootCamp 2023

The camp was established in 1954 on an eighty-acre tract of land donated by the Harold Nebel family of High Hill. The camp was established by fifteen churches in eastern Missouri due to overcrowding at other Missouri camps. The desire was to not only have needed space, but to have a camp that was easily accessible to the STL Metro.