- BootCamP 2021 -





We, the men of the WILDHEARTSTL, are united in the impact of the Wild at Heart© message, represent area churches

Harvester Christian Church–St Charles
St Louis Family Church–Chesterfield
Life Church–St Peters
The Crossing–Chesterfield
Wentzville Christian Church

All have attended Wild at Heart Boot Camp: some of us multiple times.  To a man, we believe this message will shape your heart for years to come as it re-orients you to God.  We invite you to join us for this time away from the busy-ness of life

Click link to learn more about John Eldredge and Wild At Heart

For event information contact
Vic Miller @ 636-485-7502

For help promoting at your church contact 

Stephen Adams @ 314-370-3474

L to R: Scott Kelley, Sterling Hyland, Sean Roemer, Randy Fant, Todd Deibert, Stephen Adams, Vic Miller, Dan Bicket, David Messner

Getting There

-high hill mo-


Camp 21

The camp was established in 1954 on an eighty-acre tract of land donated by the Harold Nebel family of High Hill. The camp has a large dining/meeting lodge, a retreat center, three log cabins, a dorm, various outdoor meeting areas, a pool, lake, and other recreation activities, and is currently constructing a multi-purpose building.