- BootCamP Spring 2022 -





We, the men of the WILDHEARTSTL, are united in the monumental impact of the Wild at Heart© message, and represent several area churches.

Harvester Christian Church–St Charles
St Louis Family Church–Chesterfield
Life Church–St Peters
The Crossing–Chesterfield
Wentzville Christian Church

All have attended Wild at Heart Boot Camp: some of us multiple times.  To a man, we believe this message will shape your heart for years to come as it re-orients you to God and His design for your hearts.  We invite you to join us for this time away from the busy-ness of life and let God awaken your heart.

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For event information email Vic Miller.

For help promoting at your church or website issues email Stephen Adams.

L to R: Dan Bicket, Sterling Hyland, Scott Kelley, Vic Miller, Stephen Adams, Paul "Coffee Guru" Morris, Sean Roemer

eagle sky of the ozarks

BootCamp 2023

 For over ten years, Eagle Sky has been preparing for camp. Settled on 5,000 acres near beautiful Piedmont, Mo, the land sets the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable summer experience. Our staff is committed to providing the very best experience possible to each visitor who walks through our gates.